Project Management

We offer a full service management followed by an expert Project Manager in order to deliver the project on the previously agreed time and budget.

Our team has the technical skills and the expertise to face up hard challenges, engineering and custom-made furnishings and also to develop custom solutions.

A Project management consulting is the right solution to:

  • Have a sole referent to turn to for every need.
  • Foreseeand anticipate with a technical solution preview.
  • Avoid fines and delays.
  • Significantly reducethe time it takes to process customer needs.
  • Managethe organisation of the project with more flexibility.
  • Making people do better teamwork.
  • Be able to customize every product and service offered.
  • Manage project criticalities and risks in advance, foreseeing their signals.

The operational stages usually include:

  • Project start-up

  • Meeting with Clients / Designers / Architects / Companies
  • Typical Details Study
  • Materials Analysis
  • Budget Analysis and Management
  • Planning of works, times and resources
  • Project implementation

  • Visual Mock Up
  • Coordination of activities and all the figures involved in the project
  • Project Monitoring and Control
  • Production Control
  • Cost Control
  • Construction site Coordination
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Construction site Supervision and Quality Control
  • Construction site Report
  • Project closure activities

  • Check with the clients and analysis of the obtained results
  • Closure of contracts with suppliers
  • Final report
  • Resources evaluation and release for a possible subsequent work.
Project Management