Build your home idea with us

Our interior design consultancy starts with the analysis of the spaces and continues with the specific study of the individual tailor-made furniture for you.

Who is it addressed to?

The service is designed for all those who want a professional project with practical, fast and economical solutions; thanks to the advice of interior designers, the service offered allows you to develop new ideas for your home.
Ideal for those who want a new interior project of their home; also useful for real estate agencies and construction companies, for the best presentation (sale or rent) of any residential type.
The interior design is divided into various activities ranging from continuous inspections on site to the study of the layout of the interior walls, from the choice of colours combined with innovative materials and painting techniques to the planning of lighting, frome complete interior decoration with fabrics to the arrangement of flowers and fragrances.

You bought a house and now you don’t know how to juggle the specifications?

Construction supervision is a fundamental part of interior decoration.

We organize and coordinate all the professionals involved on site (from the painter to the electrician, from the plumber to the parquettist, etc.), monitoring the quality of each installation, each piece of furniture and each change, and lastly working on the last details to be defined even during the work.

Do you have old furniture in the house and you want to give them a new life?

We take them to heart too!

When you can’t find the most suitable element you move on to custom-made design with the creation of furniture, painting and other necessary furnishing.

A process that cuts every detail to perfection, for a unique and inimitable result, sewn on with precision, patience and sartorial beauty.

Have you got empty rooms and you don’t know where to start decorating them?

We will be your guide in the choice of furniture, lighting and finishings to give an extra touch of style to your rooms.

In fact, our aim as interior designers is precisely to create a pleasant and comfortable environment, combining your living needs to the need of comfort, without sacrificing style.

Are you a real estate agent of a private trying to sell a house?


Interior design


The cadastral plan does not always show a perfectly comprehensible layout of the spaces at first glance, especially for “non-experts”.
Very often they are confused, unclear or (unfortunately) untrue.

We will take care of the process of graphic reworking of the cadastral plan. Each environment will be transformed into a clear and well identifiable space.

With a “clean” planimetry, the client will be able to trace the measurements of a wall, draw the position of the sofa of his dreams or organize the arrangement of the beds in the children’s room.

A simple but fundamental gesture in the process of choosing a new home.


Instead, with real estate COPYWRITING, we will enhance your sales possibilities and we will dedicate ourselves to individual real estate ads or a custom project service, designed for institutional sites, brochures, descriptive material, information or simply for a project designed ad hoc.